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Most Affordable Mobile Plan in Alberta and British Columbia? Say hi to Fizz

Today Fizz has been made available to customers residing in Alberta and British Columbia. If you haven’t heard this name before, it is because until today it was only providing mobile service in Quebec and parts of Ontario. I got my Fizz number back in 2019, and have been using it for the past few years, even though I am now living in Alberta. Fizz is a budget friendly mobile service provider owned by Videotron (which is same size as Telus, Bell, and Rogers).

Fizz is launching today in beta mode, but that means that for 6 months you’ll be getting a sweet discount such as 4$/month with 40GB data and unlimited Canada wide talk & messages. If you’d like to sign-up, make sure to use my referal code 53I4V and we’ll both get a nice $25 credit towards the bill. I should add that Fizz is a no contract service, so you can cancel anytime. This is a great opportunity to join a new service for a great discount, and possibly keep some sort of discount as an early adopter once the beta period is finished. Fizz made sure to reward its early adopters who signed up back in 2019, by giving a sweet discounted plan and lots of perks. Perks? See my previous post which describes the goodies of this platform. My best favourite is data rolling over to next month (up to 2 times), and constantly getting bonuses like free data, device discounts, discounts at various venues, and more. So don’t think too hard about getting a cheap mobile plan with 40GB for $4/month and get yours now!

I have ordered a SIM card to get a new Alberta phone number (and replace my old Quebec one), and will update this post of my experience. So far, I have been able to log in with the same account I was using before, and simply added a new address to get my new SIM card.

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