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Dragosh Mocrii

The Pitch

My name is Dragosh (actually – Dragoș). I’m a Software Engineer from Edmonton, Canada. My domains of expertise are web development, performance optimization, data science. I have a Master of Engineering in Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems from the University of Alberta. I use my spare time to keep up with technology trends, improve my soft-skills, or explore the beautiful trails of Edmonton on my XC Cube bike. I also like investing, and I hope that one day that’ll fund my philanthropic work.

The “LinkedIn optimised” Pitch:

Extremely ambitious, self-driven and motivated. I go the extra mile, and will take on extra responsibilities from my own initiative. I have an insatiable hunger for growth, and will create an opportunity if one does not present itself. I am passionate about technology and using it to augment our lives. I like finding efficient and elegant solutions. I am a critical thinker, a team player, and have great interpersonal skills.

The Experience

10 years and going strong. Currently a Software Engineer at SAP Litmos. I like to make things work. I also like to make people work.

The Stack

  • Back-End
    • PHP
    • Elixir
    • JavaScript
  • Front-End
    • Svelte JS
    • ReactJS
  • Plus everything in between…