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Keyboard chattering / double key presses fix on Ubuntu / Pop_OS!

Unfortunately keyboards eventually start to fail. One of the common signs that your keyboard is failing is noticing that sometimes, as you type, some keys are registered two or more times, even though you hit a key only once. This is also called keyboard chattering. You may try to give it a good cleaning and see if that fixes it. One of the more popular videos on YouTube for fixing “keyboard chattering” even suggests pouring some high purity alcohol inside the key mechanism to clean the contacts, but reading through the comments it appears that is just a temporary fix and the problem is likely to reoccur.

So the the reality is, at this point you either have to replace the faulty switches, or get a new keyboard. I’ve decided to get a new keyboard (replacing my 3 years old Logitech K840), but while I research which one will be my next one, I’ve enabled one feature in my operating system to prevent the chattering at the software level. So if you go to Settings >  Accessibility > Typing Assist (AccessX), enable the “Bounce Keys” feature, and configure the Acceptance delay to a very short value. I’ve also enabled the “Beep when a key is rejected” to know when a “chattering” case was prevented.

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