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Tag: phpstorm

Fixing: “ESLint: Expected indentation of 2 spaces but found 6. (indent)” in PhpStorm

I recently bootstrapped a new Vue.js application from the Vue-CLI, and I chose to lint my code. Now when I write code, I tend to auto-format my code all the time. The thing is by default, ESLint will warn you if your javascript code is indented inside a script tag (for single-file components). Now I use PhpStorm, but I think the same should apply to WebStorm.

To fix the issue, go to File > Settings > Editor > Code Style > HTML > Other , and for “Do not indent children of” add the “script” tag to the list. That’s it! You can try re-formattingĀ  your code now, and the code indentation in the script tag should be gone now, as well as the ESLint warning. Happy coding!