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Dragosh Mocrii

The Pitch

My name is Dragosh. I’m an individual service provider from Edmonton, Canada. My domains of expertise are web development, performance optimization, data science. I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Information Systems from The Technical University of Moldova. Currently I’m pursuing a Master of Engineering in Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems at the University of Alberta. I use my spare time to keep up with technology trends, improve my soft-skills, or explore the beautiful trails of Edmonton on my XC Cube bike.

I am not a web designer, I design solutions and make websites work.

The Experience

I’ve been working as a web developer for 9+ years now.  I have worked with one of the best & biggest companies that create premium themes and plugins for WordPress, which is awesome considering WordPress powers a quarter of all websites in the world ( [1] [2] ). My role within these companies was mostly to design & build the platforms on which the company sites would run, develop the frameworks used to simplify & reduce theme development times, integrate shops & membership software, and other back-end tasks.

As an individual service provider, I now offer consulting, support, and help companies by developing custom solutions that simplify & automate processes, increase sales and conversions, and decrease costs of management. Whether it’s a new portfolio website, new shop, 3rd party service integration, process automation, bug fixing, performance optimization, data extraction & munging – I can help you with that. Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss your project in more detail.

My clients love working with me, because of my: reliability, professionalism, great communication.

The Stack

  • Back-End
    • PHP
    • Composer
    • API design
    • Sphinx search
    • Cronjobs, background tasks
    • Redis
  • Front-End
    • NPM
    • SCSS, LESS
    • Gulp
    • VueJS
    • Webpack
  • Design
    • Bootstrap, Semantic UI
    • Gimp, Photoshop
    • ngrok
  • Database
    • MySQL, MariaDB
    • SQLite
    • MongoDB
  • Cloud
    • AWS
  • Server administration
    • Terminal, SSH
    • Apache, NGINX
    • Basic shell scripting